Joe Stuby

Joe Stuby: Cosmic Soul

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Artist: Joe Stuby

Artist: Joe Stuby
Title: Cosmic Soul

A Psychefunkabluesadelic band from NJ teams up with Rock n Roll Hall of Fame keyboardist Bernie Worrell,a founding member of Parliament/Funkadelic and The WOO Warriors. Cosmic Soul features 12 great tracks co-written by guitaist Joe Stuby,drummer Andy Janowiak and Bernie. Hard Funk, Slinky Funk and heavy rock grooves, mix with psychedelic sonic jams from start to finish!!

1.1 Cosmic Soul
1.2 U Blew It
1.3 Life
1.4 Hey Hey
1.5 Quirky
1.6 Spider
1.7 Sure 'Bout That?
1.8 Source
1.9 Jb-Ish
1.10 That Line
1.11 Sonic Espiritual
1.12 Rainfall

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