Joe Sullivan

Joe Sullivan: Schlock Star

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Joe Sullivan

Title: Schlock Star
Label: CD Baby

'Schlock Star' is the debut album from Michigan's Joe Sullivan. It's a carefully crafted masterpiece of power pop madness. Filled with irresistible hooks and clever lyrics, Schlock Star delivers a fun filled auditory experience for every listener. 'maybe the best release out of Michigan this year ' Absolute Power Pop 'highly catchy and highly infectious' Absolute Power Pop 'This is absolutely the stuff of legend' ' This is the whole package. These are the goods. This is Joe Sullivan, and he is the real deal.' Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio.

1.1 Conspiracy Radio
1.2 Nurse Tracy
1.3 Okinawa Girl
1.4 Sean Patrick's Balloon
1.5 Rock Star Boyfriend
1.6 Look at Me Now
1.7 Can't Go Home
1.8 Girl Next Door
1.9 Love in Every Bite
1.10 Victims of the Sarlaac

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