Joe Taylor D.: Going to Jamaica

Joe Taylor D.: Going to Jamaica
Title: Going to Jamaica
Label: CD Baby

'JUST ME' Good Morning! This is the phrase I use to greet people, morning, noon and night. I'm Joe D. Taylor. My first "demo" CD was completed in a little home studio in Green Island, Jamaica, June 2008. Why Jamaica you ask? I played in a "rock" band several years ago. I wrote a few songs, but not seriously. We played in a three state area around the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. Yes, I was born between two rivers a long, long time ago! Sounds like a song title-doesn't it? Several years later my wife and I went on vacation to Jamaica. I was in the piano bar every night and became good friends with the piano man. I kept telling him that I use to play and write music. But, basically I was embarrassed because I had nothing to show him. So, I went home and wrote a few songs. The next year I sang them for him. Over the following year I wrote several more; some bluesy; some ballads; about love of family; about my dog; friends in my life; events of the times; small town boy. They are all just me! My goal-Elvis hear my songs-love them and want to record one. Okay, so Elvis is dead-I know. But, someone else just might like my songs. Later.................Joe D. Taylor.

1.1 Going to Jamaica (Reggae)
1.2 Don't Like the Pain
1.3 A New Day
1.4 Blood Line
1.5 Give It Up
1.6 Between Two Rivers
1.7 Sweet Little Thing
1.8 Please Remember Me
1.9 The Show
1.10 Looking Into My World
1.11 She's Just a Mom
1.12 Home
1.13 Going to Jamaica

Joe Taylor D.: Going to Jamaica

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