Joel Murach

Joel Murach: Greetings from the Middle of Nowhere

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Artist: Joel Murach

Artist: Joel Murach
Title: Greetings from the Middle of Nowhere

'Through the tired haze of failed genre melting pots of the late 90s, out shines this refreshingly new and talented musician. With a songwriting style that pushes far beyond your standard indie alt-country, Murach rides the waves to the next level, while providing a lemony West Coast twist to the comfort of your iced tea. Noticeably influenced by artists like Hank Williams Sr., Gram Parsons and Bob Dylan, he possesses an instrumental similarity to that of Beachwood Sparks. Drink up and enjoy!' -- CD Baby.

1.1 Blue Eyes Blue
1.2 Two Million Miles Away
1.3 Fall Into Place
1.4 Ragged Lullaby
1.5 The Middle of Nowhere
1.6 Falling So Far
1.7 Crooked
1.8 Esmerelda
1.9 Give It Time
1.10 Starry Old Sky

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