Joey Welz & Martha: When Two Become One

Joey Welz: When Two Become One
Title: When Two Become One
Label: CD Baby

Award winning ascap song writers fall in love and become one in song, delightful melodies by joey, married gracefully to martha's imaginative and tender lyrics... The way love should be, not always perfect, but deep and true and forever more, now through eternity. Amen.

1.1 When Two Become One
1.2 Joey
1.3 God in Cyberspace
1.4 Almost Together
1.5 I Kissed the Bottle, Goodbye
1.6 Forever Til Eternity
1.7 Daddy Went Fast, Mama Went Slow
1.8 Friends and Lovers
1.9 Love Is Forever
1.10 Love Never Regrets
1.11 Golden Memories
1.12 Welcome Home, Honey
1.13 To the Queen of Camelot
1.14 I Could Do This Forever
1.15 I Just Kissed Your Picture Goodnight
1.16 Alone Together
1.17 The Wedding Guest
1.18 My Forever Love
1.19 When Two Become One [Duet Version]

Joey Welz & Martha: When Two Become One

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