John Batdorf: One Last Wish

John Batdorf: One Last Wish
Title: One Last Wish
Label: CD Baby

One Last Wish Liner Notes by John Batdorf Back in 1967, I left Beavercreek, Ohio with a band on a quest to become rock stars. I was 15 years old but already knew what my life plan was. I could do one thing better than anybody else my age and it was the one thing I loved to do most; sing, play and later, write music. The band didn't make it but that didn't discourage me in the least! Three years later, while living with my girlfriend's parents in Las Vegas, I met Mark Rodney. We got so stinkin' good I knew it was time to go back to LA and take another shot at stardom. We got our record deal with Atlantic and we were off! Never in my wildest dreams did it occur to me that at age 59, I'd still be at it with the same enthusiasm I had as a kid. One Last Wish began last August when a few new songs appeared in my head, and the birth of the album was beginning. I wrote five new songs with Michael McLean, my songwriting partner of 20 years. The mini flurry had come and gone but I knew it would be back! Two months later, I damaged my vocal chords and had to stop performing for three months. I had nothing else to do but write, and write I did. I wrote seven or eight songs in that time period and One Last Wish was written. Well, at least I thought so. Very late in the game, as I was recording, an inspiration came and the final song for the CD was written. Don't Give Up On Dreams is a song that had to be on the CD; it just took it's time getting here! I am humbled and honored to have been inspired to do this project. I believe it may be my best work as a songwriter and I hope you agree. Thank you all for the four decades of support! John Batdorf.

1.1 Don't Give Up on Dreams
1.2 Real Life
1.3 Mama's Comin' Home Tonight
1.4 Heaven Help Me
1.5 Life Is Good
1.6 I Feel Loved
1.7 Can You Hear Me (I'm the One Who Cares)
1.8 Forgotten
1.9 If You Could See Me Now
1.10 You Just Left Me
1.11 One Last Wish
1.12 Revolution

John Batdorf: One Last Wish

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