John Butler Trio

John Butler Trio: April Uprising

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: John Butler Trio
Title: April Uprising
Product Type: VINYL LP

Re-release of 2010 album from the Australian guitarist, John Butler and his bandmates. April Uprising is John's most focused, diverse and accessible album to date, showcasing innovative sounds from the trippy steel drum detail on "Take Me" to the roaring radio chorus of "To Look Like You"; the tender ache of "Steal It" and "Fool For You" to the rustic folk of "Ragged Mile" and the hysterical Rock attack of "C'mon Now", to the single, a rock disco classic "Close To You" where John let's rip with the electric telecaster. Between the epic opening track "Revolution" and a whispered acoustic coda "A Star is Born", dedicated to John's son, April Uprising is an album that combines the personal, the political and the musically memorable with skill and passion.

1.1 Revolution
1.2 One Way Road
1.3 Come on Now
1.4 I'd Do Anything
1.5 Ragged Mile
2.1 Johnny's Gone
2.2 Close to You
2.3 Don't Want to See Your Face
2.4 Take Me
3.1 Fool for You
3.2 To Look Like You
3.3 Steal It
3.4 Mystery Man
4.1 Gonna Be a Long Time
4.2 A Star Is Born
4.3 Gone (Bonus Track)
4.4 Only You (Bonus Track)

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