John D. Evans

John D. Evans: Washin' My Hands

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Artist: John D. Evans

Artist: John D. Evans
Title: Washin' My Hands

'Washin' My Hands,' a 44-minute spoken word CD produced by author and poet John D. Evans, consists of 17 tracks (a prelude, reprise, quote by Dr. King, and 14 poems by renowned African American poets, from Phyllis Wheatley to Gwendolyn Brooks). John D. Evans takes readers on an epic journey through time with the words of such poets as Langston Hughes, Paul Laurence Dunbar, and Countee Cullen. This recording is ideal for poetry enthusiasts and auditory learners of all ages. Founded in 2005, The Evans Poetry Collection (TEPC, Inc.) is a series of books of poetry and poetry-related products written by poet, author, and Learning Behavior Specialist John D. Evans of Oak Park, Illinois. To date, The Evans Poetry Collection consists of eight books of poetry: Acres of Green and Oceans of Blue: Diary of a Runaway, More Than a Club Kid: Man Versus Self, Things That Make My World Go 'Round: A Poetic Memoir, How Deep I Can Be: Lessons and Confessions, Diary of a Renaissance Man: Axioms, Aphorisms, Art, and Poetry, J.D.'s Groove: Poetry by John D. Evans, Between the Sun and the Shade: Thanksgiving in Louisiana with the Davis Family, and From Shining Doorknobs to Sporting Diamonds: Poetry and Nuggets of Wisdom.

1.1 Washin' My Hands (Prelude)
1.2 My Poetry
1.3 On Being Brought from Africa to America
1.4 On Liberty and Slavery
1.5 America
1.6 Bury Me in a Free Land
1.7 Train Ride
1.8 Frederick Douglass
1.9 We Wear the Mask
1.10 If We Must Die
1.11 Ma Rainey
1.12 The Negro Speaks of Rivers
1.13 Incident
1.14 We Real Cool
1.15 The Grandfather of My Grandfather
1.16 Washin' My Hands (Reprise)
1.17 The Struggle

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