John Dunbar: Moment Youve Not Been Waiting for

John Dunbar: Moment Youve Not Been Waiting for
Title: Moment Youve Not Been Waiting for
Label: CD Baby

John Dunbar's newest disc,The Moment You've Not Been Waiting For, showcases a return to a quintessential style of songwriting that has been sadly disapperaing in the music world of late. Featuring songs that harken back to the vintage vaudevillian, music hall gems of 60's Kinks & to the irrresistible hooks of classic Squeeze; add this to the lyrical complexity of Cole Porter with subject matters that are alternately hilarious and sobering, and you have an idea of the musical. Variety and quality of the disc's 10 tunes. Standout songs such as An Afterthought, He Doesn't Like To Be Loved and These Days Have Been Going On For Years show that Dunbar is not merely imitating the great songsmiths, but is simply being creatively influenced by them. Multi instrumentalist Dunbar plays and sings eveything on the disc which has some drawing comparisons to the modern day 'muscians's musician' Jon Brion. And like Mr. Brion, John doesn't shy away from modern recording techniques. On a few songs he worked with drum loops sampled from the most unlikely of sources: an old Turtles record and an obscure 70's Kinks LP that John is anxious to see if anyone recognizes ( it's Hot Potatoes from 1971's Everybody's In Showbiz, but don't tell him we told you). John Dunbar was the leader of A Confederacy Of Dunces; they released 2 critically acclaimed discs in the 90's ( Tsk, Tsk, Tsk and Dunces With Wolves). Since the demise of the band John has put out 2 other solo discs ( The Man Who Never Learns, New Interesting Developements In Uselessness), wrote every song on the disc Close Calls With Happiness with his short lived band IFFY,put together a successful side project, The Konks, that was a Rutles version of The Kinks whose EP, released a couple of years ago, got a nice little underground buzz. John also tried his hand at theater . He was the composer of the off broadway musical The Last Hand Laundry In Chinatown ( now featured in the anthology Tokens from Temple University Press). What Critics Have Said About John Dunbar's Previous Work 'A talented multi-instrumentalist whose songwriting is meaningful and assured with catchy tunes and well-drawn portraits,' Ira Robbins in The Trouser Press Record Guide 'An excellent songwriter with a very original approach, which is rare,' Paul Zollo author of Songwriters on Songwriting 'Finessed, masterfully understated and melodically rich, competitive with veterans such as Squeeze and Crowded House,' CMJ 'Dunbar displays a facility at marrying a short story to a melody, his insight into human relations is something of a gift', Soundviews 'Sounds like outtakes from The Kinks' Village Green Preservation Society', The Driftwood, U. New Orleans '2004 release from ex-Confederacy Of Dunces leader! Like it's predecessor, New & Interesting Moments, the new one has 10 songs that mix a variety of styles. Sounding, at times, like early Bongos, The Kinks, Squeeze, Bob Dylan or They Might Be Giants that has lots of introspective acoustic jangle, quiet baroque moments, always interesting arrangements and the right amount of humor. This is one of Dunbar's most upbeat albums since COD material, with songs like 'The Way My Baby Dresses' bringing to mind a sort of low-fi-ish Rubinoos sing-a-long spirit and 'Big On Me' a Lennon leftover from Abbey Road or The White Album(a compliment since any of us would love to write a throwaway Lennon song during that era, no?!)).What makes this album special is the spirit of adventure and control of single artistic vision that follows it's own muse---and still ends up with a highly listenable album! BUY THIS ALBUM!!'- Bruce Brodeen-NOT LAME RECORDS on 'The Moment You've Not Been Waiting For'

1.1 An Afterthought
1.2 The Way My Baby Dresses
1.3 Big on Me
1.4 Midas Tongue
1.5 He Doesn't Like to Be Loved
1.6 I Wonder If She's Wondering
1.7 These Days Have Been Going on for Years
1.8 Today with Tamara
1.9 The Arms of a Woman
1.10 The Given-Ups

John Dunbar: Moment Youve Not Been Waiting for

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