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John E Payne: 7 Moments

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Artist: John E Payne

Artist: John E Payne
Title: 7 Moments

A seven song sampler. Blow your mind kind of ideas. More to come . . . My name is John E. Payne, and I and my helpers are making a new kind of music along the lines of the kind of music that I've always enjoyed. Anyone who likes Pink Floyd and Neil Young AND Jim Croce, will probably enjoy my 'Movie music for the mind'. Some Notes: First of all, let me say, 'Thanks', for checking out my music. It's not all just me. Support, encouragement, and ideas have been given to me for years by my wife, Carel, by my friends, and my family. They have taught me that the absolute best thing in the world is love. All kinds of love. This doesn't mean to say that all my songs are love songs. I wanted to write about all kinds of things. Like when we can eliminate war (and not people), or when humanity starts moving out to space. (Or a song about a guy that doesn't want anybody taking his D.N.A.) My main instrument is acoustic guitar, so most of the songs have 6 and/or 12 string acoustic & electric guitars on them. I also enjoy deep bass, so I modified an old electric bass to play quite a bit lower. All the parts are played live to my recording equipment. There are no electronic or mechanical rhythm tracks. I do use some synthesizers, but they are also played live. The natural sounds you will hear on some of the albums are actual, on-the-spot recordings of beautiful surroundings. Performance-wise, I also want you to know that each part I keep to make the final mix of a song is from the times I played when I felt best. Those good feelings sustain me during the engineering, mixing, and production of the albums. Not all the songs are happy, (some are rather dark) but I felt really good while playing, and I think that comes through. Just like when a guy telling a story gets to enjoy the story too. During the first quaternity (group of four albums)I was trying to write music about the ideas of waking up (becoming aware) of the life and love around us. This feels like the right track for me; to explore the symmetries in our lives, in metaphor and science. For example, when a person has a 'mystical experience', he is still the same person (a symmetry is maintained) but he also has changed. Each moment is different than the one before, but may also be similar. 1. BEGINNING TO BEGINNING (Symmetries) 2. KINDLING REBIRTH 3. OF BUTTERFLIES 4. FLYING THROUGH THE SOUL: Acoustic-electric-natural sound spiritual meditation. Check out the cool bell on tracks # 5,6 & 7. 5. ARTIFICIAL PLANET (Interactions): Mellow R & R. Scenes from the darkest part of the story, but ending on a note of hopeful remembrance. 6. BURIES THE WAR 7. CHANGING THE VIEW 8. OF STARS AND MAN 9. FROM THE BEYOND (Consciousness) 10. TURNING FORWARD 11. TO BETTER DAYS 12. ONCE AGAIN Each group of four albums is also supposed to restate some of the ideas from the other groups. Fractal, to some degree. 7 MOMENTS: A seven song sampler from some of the upcoming albums. Track # 6 is the title song from my current project. There's some science (future?), humorous blues, spiritual, and thoughts of my sweetheart. I hope you will be able to pick up on the sheer fun Carel, Bert, Kathy Love, and I were having singing the backing vocals on Track #1, 'Putting The World Behind Us'. We were dancing around the microphone having the time of our lives. Thank you for your interest in my music. My band is Three Word Tidal, and this album, 7 MOMENTS, is in addition to the quaternities. These songs are examples of the diversity in our music and will be used on future albums. In case you have not checked out my other albums, I feel that I should explain the main idea behind this music. I have been working on a set of 12 albums, in sets of 3 quaternities, which are each 4 albums with related themes. The concepts of Symmetries, Interactions and Consciousness are the essential ideas relating Spiritual Awakening, the world of Politics, Ethics, Physics, Knowledge and Metaphysics. These songs are a folk opera with a continuing story line, but each album can stand on it's own. It is all about discovering the rushing inner peace and beginning again. So, here is the Quaternity Outline: Beginning to Beginning (Symmetries) Kindling Rebirth Of Butterflies Flying Through the Soul Artificial Planet (Interactions) Buries the War Changing the View Of Stars and Man From the Beyond (Consciousness) Turning Forward To Better Days Once Again As you can see, Seven Moments contains the song 'Buries the War', which is the title track from the album I have just released. It also contains some other songs that I just had to get down and wanted to share with the world. I would appreciate any comments you may have about this work and thoughts that you may have. You can email me at I hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, John E. Payne Listen Recordings, The EN' ProDuctions P.O. Box 825 Farmington, MO 63640-0825 (573) 756-8629.

1.1 Putting the World Behind Us
1.2 D.N.A
1.3 Motherjohn
1.4 Surrender
1.5 Distant Belief
1.6 Buries the War
1.7 Set Me Free

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