John Elkins

John Elkins: Keep It Movin'

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Product Type: CD
Artist: John Elkins

Title: Keep It Movin'
Label: CD Baby

Keep it Movin\' is the debut album from artist and performer John Elkins. Featuring twelve original songs and three hidden tracks, many musical styles are explored on this disc. Elkins manages to cover topics such as anorexia, homosexuality, the Olsen twins and even models facing organ failure on this debut, oftentimes in such a convincingly serious tone that you might be left wondering if he\'s really joking or not. A guilty pleasure that will keep you coming back for more.

1.1 Keep It Movin'
1.2 Baby Need Shoes
1.3 Curtis
1.4 Skin ; Bones
1.5 I Wanna Be An Olsen Twin
1.6 Sister of a Superstar
1.7 Vip Celebrity
1.8 Fashionably Fatal
1.9 In Front of Me
1.10 Abuse
1.11 Unturning
1.12 Gypsy Boy
1.13 I Want Some Breffus (Interlude)
1.14 Anastacia (Interlude)
1.15 North County (Interlude)

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