John Erickson

John Erickson: Contemplation

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Artist: John Erickson

Artist: John Erickson
Title: Contemplation

Reviews of 'CONTEMPLATION': 'Subtle, sensitive piano in a gentle jazz or freeform new age vein. Comparisons to Keith Jarrett's more mellow moments would not be out of place. Gorgeously recorded, too--this one is going straight into my short stack of late-night relaxation CDs.' --Jim Aikin, KEYBOARD Magazine '...a sort of piano feng shui in which glassy, amorphous tone poems probe shadowy themes with astute harmony, counterpoint, and balance.' --San Diego Reader Originally from California, pianist John Erickson now resides in Chicago where he is active in the city's jazz scene. Main musical influences include Bill Evans, Lyle Mays, Pat Metheny, Yellowjackets, Keith Jarrett, George Winston, and Bruce Hornsby. John's Astarte Records debut CD, 'Contemplation' is a moving set of original instrumental compositions combining the ambiance and melodic sensibilities of new age and pop music with the harmonic richness and improvisation of jazz. The album features John on solo piano and four piano/bass duets with STEVE RODBY, acclaimed bassist with the PAT METHENY GROUP. 'And So On', John's second album was released in November of 2003.

1.1 Santa Ynez
1.2 Joy's Tune
1.3 She's Gone to the Desert
1.4 Keep Me in Your Heart
1.5 A Song for Sarah
1.6 Leann Adrift
1.7 The Warmth of MT. Miguel
1.8 Fool Takes a Fall/Contemplation
1.9 Keeping You Safe
1.10 The Universe and Dave

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