John Ewbank

John Ewbank: Angel Somewhere

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Product Type: CD
Artist: John Ewbank

Title: Angel Somewhere
Label: CD Baby

John Ewbank is the original marathon man and still running. The songs keep coming so he keeps writing and it's not so much damn the torpedos as make love to them. He has spent his time thus far on the planet equally between three continents,and is currently living in New York City. He likes to quote Bukowski and say 'it's easy to be a genius at 21; at 50 it takes some doing'. The songs speak for themselves. Otherwise why bother calling them songs? Fun and entertainment here for the entire family, from the incestuous mother to the psychopathic younger son and the fashion obsessed older daugher, as well as granpa in the nuthouse and dad down at gay bar. Play it and rejoice. He was once an insane rock climber, now he's just insane.

1.1 An Angel Somewhere
1.2 Yuppietown
1.3 A Miracle Made You
1.4 The Hollywood Go Go
1.5 Flying Away in My Dreams
1.6 Do It Again
1.7 I'm Glad
1.8 I Dream About You
1.9 Howling Like a Wolf
1.10 Mid City Blues
1.11 I Just Want to Fall in Love Tonight
1.12 Apres Le Revolution
1.13 Do It Again

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