John Fagan: Sun-Painted Sky

John Fagan: Sun-Painted Sky
Title: Sun-Painted Sky
Label: CD Baby

Every selection on this CD is an original composition of John Fagan. Do you know the joyful sound of a piano that is singing? When you hear the sound abound with a majestic sort of ringing. When the fingers meet the keys with a Relaxing sort of ease Then you hear a symphony from just two hands begin to start And the merest strike of notes becomes a living work of art. As the notes build into chords and then the chords begin to sing Then you hear the sound of bells as the bright strings begin to ring . . . ------ Though all the notes in all the music have been used before I hope you find that these selections aren't just notes, but more. This music that I'll share with you will likely seem like something new. Because so many have found it "different" I hope your experience will be no different And you will find it just as different As they found it different From all the same-old same-old Stuff that you hear e v e r y where where a radio is ON © 2006 John Fagan. All photos on John's CDs are taken by he, himself and him, all working together.

1.1 Pachelbel Revised (1.0)
1.2 Moonlit Ocean
1.3 Reflections
1.4 Friendship
1.5 12-Bar Whatever
1.6 Safari
1.7 Caminando
1.8 Coming of Autumn
1.9 Running River
1.10 Hoops

John Fagan: Sun-Painted Sky

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