John Fawcett

John Fawcett: John Fawcett & Resurrection Band

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Artist: John Fawcett

Artist: John Fawcett
Title: John Fawcett & Resurrection Band

100% of all profits go to John Fawcett's widow. John Fawcett pass away in 2008 from a very rare brain cancer. He left his young wife and two small children. This CD helps to provide for his family, while allowing all to benefit from John's great worship leading giftedness.

1.1 Great Is the Lord Almighty
1.2 Of the Father's Love Begotten
1.3 Turn My Heart
1.4 Behold the Lamb of God
1.5 Trisagion Hymn
1.6 Alleluia Singing in the Spirit
1.7 Mighty God
1.8 Jesus, Remember Me
1.9 Great Is the Darkness
1.10 Holy Ground
1.11 Jesus
1.12 Softly and Tenderly
1.13 Spirit of the Living God
1.14 I Am the Bread of Life
1.15 Jesus, Remember Me
1.16 The Lord's Prayer
1.17 Love's Divine All Loves Excelling
1.18 Blessed Be the Lord God of Israel
1.19 Trees of the Field
1.20 John Singing in the Spirit
1.21 My Peace

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