John Gannon

John Gannon: Edmond's Box

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Artist: John Gannon

Artist: John Gannon
Title: Edmond's Box

John thanks the musicians, who, he boasts, relentlessly hit low punch-fades out of the trees to knock infinite strokes off his scorecard. He raises a glass in honor of Jordan Leff (of The Secret Society Recording Studio) for his ears and musical vision. John sings and plays piano, keyboards, drums, and saxophone. He was helped out of a musical pickle by: John Burk: bass (1-4, 6, 7, 9-12); Dominic Castillo: guitars (4, 6-9, 12); Jordan Leff: bass (8) and guitars (3, 6, 10, 11, 13); Jessica Mardis: flute (6, 9); Chris Palmer: percussion, bird calls (1, 2); Libby Roach: guitar (1, 2, 9) and backing vocals (1, 8); and Bob Yakas: whistling (7). Songs by John Gannon Produced by Jordan Leff and John Gannon.

1.1 Slammin' the Voodoo
1.2 Savvy Hippies
1.3 Mannequin Dreams
1.4 Horoscope
1.5 Your Letter
1.6 Electric Fences
1.7 The Land of the Happy People
1.8 Words and Words and Words
1.9 Titanic Love
1.10 Big Balloons and Tall Buildings
1.11 Flying Saucers
1.12 Falling Off the Earth
1.13 Diving Down
1.14 You Always Fall

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