John Hiatt

John Hiatt: The Open Road

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Artist: John Hiatt

Artist: John Hiatt
Title: The Open Road

Looking at life through the rearview mirror was the inspiration for John Hiatt's 2010 album, the Open Road. A classic Hiatt record, the rockin' songs sizzle with the heat from a two-lane blacktop on a hot summer's day. Hiatt and his touring band (Kenny Blevins on drums, Patrick O'Hearn on bass and Doug Lancio on guitars) recorded a test that gives 'Garage Rock' a new meaning. 'All the other years, my songs are about coming home,' Hiatt says. But within these 11 new songs, including 'Haulin' and the title track, 'The Open Road', home is never the destination.

1.1 The Open Road
1.2 Haulin'
1.3 Go Down Swingin'
1.4 Like a Freight Train
1.5 My Baby
1.6 Homeland
1.7 Wonder of Love
1.8 What Kind of Man
1.9 Movin' on
1.10 Fireball Roberts
1.11 Carry You Back Home

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