John Katchur: Beauty & the Terrible Things

John Katchur: Beauty & the Terrible Things
Title: Beauty & the Terrible Things
Label: CD Baby

"A great song speaks to the depths of the soul. There is nothing like hearing a live performance of a great song by a masterful artist. A good listener transcends the experience of being 'entertained' and becomes a participant in an exchange of energy that elevates the spirit. This is the realm of inspiration that, in today's American culture, is becoming frighteningly scarce." ~Jorge Udler John Katchur became a notable force on the San Diego singer/songwriter scene in the early 90's, winning the San Diego Music Award for Best Acoustic Artist. His music blends singer/songwriter sensibilities with powerful rock textures and haunting atmospheres. Acoustic guitars delicate and fierce, smooth airy vocals, crunching electric guitars, organic keys and organs form "lush soundsacapes like magic flying carpets" ~San Diego Troubadour John's recordings offer complex depth and emotional dimensions soothing and severe. Those who take to a John Katchur album tend to wear them out. His works offer a submersive experience transcending the sum of it's parts. As a performer (commonly solo) John has a strong reputation for impeccable and captivating delivery. The San Diego Troubadour says, "... (John Katchur) plays guitar with equal measures of grace, complexity, and fearless confidence... (with) an unbelievably effortless, sonorous, aching voice."

1.1 Sweets and Saints
1.2 Dreams of Home
1.3 Yesterday's Gone
1.4 Dark Night
1.5 Watch for Me on the Mountain
1.6 New Eyes
1.7 Warcraft
1.8 Now or Never
1.9 Do You Love Me?
1.10 Beauty and the Terrible Things
1.11 Alone in the Mystery

John Katchur: Beauty & the Terrible Things

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