John Kuzenski: Quiet Resolve

John Kuzenski: Quiet Resolve
Title: Quiet Resolve
Label: CD Baby

Hi! This is John Kuzenski, back with my second album, *Quiet Resolve*. Putting it together for you has been an exciting process, and throughout that process, the record took on an exciting life of it's own. I intended, when I'd finished the first couple of tracks (still wasn't thinking 'new album' at that point), to keep working on a host of melodies in my head that stayed true to the contemporary orchestral/electronica which marked the first album, *Tokaji Prayer*. As I kept developing the music, however, I found myself blissfully captive to an INCREDIBLE range of wonderful musical influences to which I was exposed earlier in life and embraced. This tune needed something more playful... that tune sounded more bluesy, and so forth. At that point, as the melodies and basslines developed, I had an exciting (but potentially terrifying, considering the plan that then developed to release a new album) question to answer-- do I start to rethink and rewrite these new ideas to fit a preconceived 'single genre record,' or do I let them be... do I let them become what they insist on being in my head? The danger of the latter approach, of course, is that what you think of as an 'excitingly eclectic' album, others may see as just downright weird. On *Quiet Resolve*, and perhaps in remaining true to the title and the approach I've had to life itself for some time now, I decided these great tracks were worth that risk. *Quiet Resolve* didn't turn out to fit a nice, neat preconceived single-genre-in-the-box model. I'll let you make of that decision what you may. I just hope that for whatever else you think, you find that you can listen from beginning to end and enjoy the musical journey on which I hope to take you. In addition to the contemporary electronic tracks like 'Waking to the Storm' (one of my personal favorites; if a song could be autobiographical, this is mine), 'Easter Elegy' and 'Duna' ('The Longer, Deeper Duna' is a special slow-house extended remix), there are some techno-inspired fun tracks like 'Honeybunny' and 'Semiconductors in Love.' Softer tracks like 'Resonant Consonance' and 'Lullaby for Kitties' (mine actually DO love the latter every time I play it, hence the inspiration for the name) give a moment of repose and peace, while a more rootsy guitar-piano-driven 'Home to Baton Rouge' just recreates the great joy I feel, after all these years away from it, whenever I fly or drive into my hometown; it's my brain reacting to the familiarity of where I grew up and reconciling the tremendous changes that have occurred while I was away. Finally, I am so incredibly proud and pleased to have worked with my high school buddy, Wendell Tilley, again on this album; we wrote and recorded a single, 'Butterfly,' as a special project (it's available on CDBaby too- check it out! It rocks!) throughout 2013. When I wanted to push the stylistic envelope on this album, there was only one incredible axe-wielding Nashville-based writer, musician, producer and general musical wizard I could consider for the co-writing task when I had some ideas that needed his brilliant contributions. Wen and I wrote 'Everything Comes, Anything Goes' (awesome instrumental rocker which one reviewer has already described as 'Satriani meets Nirvana') together, and then followed that up by polishing up a neat bass/organ blues line I had in my head with 'Because I Love You So Very Much.' The groove on that track reminds me... so very much... of my initial discovery of the power of good, simple, honest R&B growing up in South Louisiana and the Mississippi Delta, as well as the happiness that the music can make you feel with the right tune and the right musicianship. So please.... check out the samples, try the album, thanks for supporting independent music... and I hope it brings you some of the joy of musical release as a listener that it brought me to compose, perform, produce, wash, rinse, spin, fold.... welcome to *Quiet Resolve*!

1.1 Waking to the Storm
1.2 Duna
1.3 Honeybunny
1.4 Lullaby for Kitties
1.5 Easter Elegy in D Minor
1.6 Semiconductors in Love
1.7 Resonant Consonance
1.8 Home to Baton Rouge
1.9 Because I Love You So Very Much

John Kuzenski: Quiet Resolve

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