The Christmas Revels

The Christmas Revels: Sings American and English Folk Songs and Ballads

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Artist: The Christmas Revels
Title: Sings American and English Folk Songs and Ballads

John Langstaff was a concert baritone, and early music revivalist as well as a respected musician and educator. He wrote 25 books and hosted the popular BBC-TV children's program "Making Music." He is featured here in recordings from the late 1950's performing a selection of English and American folk songs and ballads. Classic recording, digitally re-mastered.

1.1 O, Waly, Waly
1.2 Carrion Crow
1.3 Sir Patrick Spens
1.4 All 'Round My Hat
1.5 The Cruel Mother
1.6 The Farmer's Curst Wife
1.7 The Riddle Song
1.8 The Crawfish Man
1.9 Lord Randal
1.10 Billy Boy
1.11 Croodin Doo
1.12 John Barleycorn
1.13 The Lover's Tasks
1.14 The Green Wedding
1.15 She's Like the Swallow
1.16 John Riley

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