John Legend: Get Lifted

John Legend: Get Lifted
Title: Get Lifted
Label: Sbme Special MKTS.

Get Lifted is the debut studio album by American singer John Legend, released via Kanye West's GOOD Music label on December 28, 2004 in the United States.

1.1 Prelude (John Stephens) 0:44
1.2 Let's Get Lifted (J. Stephens, Kanye West, R. Shobin) 3:37
1.3 Used to Love U (J. Stephens, K. West) 3:30
1.4 Alright (J. Stephens, K. West) 3:20
1.5 She Don't Have to Know (J. Stephens, William Adams, S. Stewart) 4:52
1.6 Number One (J. Stephens, K. West, C. Mayfield) (Featuring Kanye West) 3:18
1.7 I Can Change (J. Stephens, Dave Tozer) (Featuring Snoop Dogg) 5:01
1.8 Ordinary People (J. Stephens, w. Adams) 4:41
1.9 Stay with You (J. Stephens, D. Tozer) 3:49
1.10 Let's Get Lifted Again (J. Stephens, D. Tozer) 2:18
1.11 So High (J. Stephens, D. Harris, P. Cho, L. Ware, Pam Sawyer) 5:07
1.12 Refuge (When It's Cold Outside) (J. Stephens, D. Harris, P. Cho) 4:13
1.13 It Don't Have to Change (J. Stephens, D. Tozer) (Featuring the Stephens Family) 3:23
1.14 Live It Up (J. Stephens, D. Harris, Tarrey Torae, a. Hester) (Featuring Miri Ben-Ari) 4:35

John Legend: Get Lifted

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