John Lyell

John Lyell: Dimensions

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Artist: John Lyell

Artist: John Lyell
Title: Dimensions

John Lyell has been a Musician since 1984. From his recording studio in Minneapolis, MN., he writes, records, engineers, and produces thought provoking New Age, Ambient Electronic, SpaceMusic, Film, Acoustic, Psychedelic Rock and Hard Rock music. Inspired by his first introduction to SpaceMusic back in 1994 ('Hearts of Space' Radio Program), John immersed himself in Ambient - SpaceMusic and started dabbling in Graphic Arts with his first Macintosh computer in June of 1997. With heavy interests in Astronomy, the concept of Time Travel, SpaceMusic and related Cosmic subject matter, Lyell used these interests as inspiration to create 'Cosmic' and 'Surreal' Digital Art. John also started composing a wide range of Ambient Electronic and SpaceMusic at this time. As a musician, John has previously released 2 Ambient - SpaceMusic CD's commercially (with friend Brent Reiland): 'Wormholes' in 1998 and 'Synthetic Universe' in 2002.......both of which have received critical acclaim and radio airplay in the U.S., Europe, and Australia on syndicated Ambient and New Age radio shows. John continues to create 'Cosmic' and 'Surreal' Digital Art and write various styles of music at his studio in Mpls., MN.

1.1 Of Space and Time
1.2 Dreamspace
1.3 Red Shift
1.4 Transport
1.5 Enter the Light
1.6 Dreamspace Return
1.7 Dimensions
1.8 Distant Echo
1.9 Twilight Passing

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