John Martyn

John Martyn: Sunday's Child

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: John Martyn

Artist: John Martyn
Title: Sunday's Child
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited 180 gram vinyl LP pressing. 1975 album by the British singer/songwriter and guitarist. John Martyn's follow-up to 1973's Inside Out is a more song-oriented, less experimental album. His eighth record, including two with his wife Beverley Martyn, shows the many facets of Martyn's playing, from his effects-driven electric guitar to his acoustic work. This album contains a collection of original songs along with a pair of covers: the traditional British ballad "Spencer the Rover", and the country standard "Satisfied Mind". The song "The Message" features a pair of verses written by Martyn sung in his typical style, alternating with a pair of verses from the Scottish folk ballad "Mairi's Wedding" sung with a Scottish lilt. Over a 40-year career, John Martyn released 21 studio albums, and received frequent critical acclaim. Martyn began his career at age 17 as a key member of the British folk music scene, drawing inspiration from American blues and English traditional music, and signed with Island Records. By the 1970s he had begun incorporating jazz and rock into his sound on albums such as Solid Air (1973) and One World (1977), as well as experimenting with guitar effects and tape delay machines such as Echoplex.

1.1 One Day Without You
1.2 Lay It All Down
1.3 Root Love
1.4 My Baby Girl
1.5 Sunday's Child
1.6 Spencer the Rover
1.7 Clutches
1.8 The Message
1.9 Satisfied Mind
1.10 You Can Discover
1.11 Call Me Crazy

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