John Michael Hersey

John Michael Hersey: Soup Du Jour

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Title: Soup Du Jour
Label: CD Baby

John Michael Hersey is based in the New York City area but his style is, at the very least, a national one. Songwriter Hersey calls upon various American musical genres - Rockabilly, Modern Rock, Country and Folk - to paint his portraits of the personal and the political. Thus, he may seem at first to defy easy categorization. However, his stylistic mix is quite in sync with many other contemporary artists who occupy the radio and market niches of Americana, Roots Rock, or A3 (Adult Album Alternative). On his recent Chordophone Records CD Soup Du Jour, John Michael Hersey brought veteran musicianship, acquired through stints with various Rock-n-Roll legends, and a unique writing style to the table. Credits include second tenor and guitar duties with New York City Rhythm and Blues vocal group pioneers Speedo and The Cadillacs, and guitar work with Shirley Alston Reeves, former lead singer of the Shirelles. Here's what one critic said about John's music. 'Soup Du Jour is a strongly eclectic and seamless collection. The country stylings of 'Men With Ties' starts out the album. While I must admit I was skeptical about another cynical song chronicling the evil corporate businessman, Hersey is slightly tongue-in-cheek, if poignant, and stays away from cliché. The album only gets better. 'Wipe the Smile' might be the most accessible of the lot with it's syncopated catchy chorus and lyrically this album is top-notch; cutting, wry and smart. One hears touches of Joe Jackson here, a bit of The Grateful Dead there (as on 'Steady as She goes'), and the melding of ballad, country, blues and rock is a joy. Check out the longing, harmonica-laced 'Miles Away,' the up tempo 'More or Less in Love with You,' or the rumba of 'Looking for Trinidad.' Hersey writes sophisticated music with bemused lyrics. Think happier Dave Mathews, with themes from hearing your neighbors doing it ('The Lady Upstairs'), to the more thoughtful and deep 'Silence'...' Peter Kuehbauch, Good Times.

1.1 Men with Ties
1.2 More or Less in Love
1.3 The Lady Upstairs
1.4 Miles Away
1.5 Wipe the Smile
1.6 Silence
1.7 Looking for Trinidad
1.8 Comfort Zone
1.9 Act of Cowardice
1.10 Paula Lightly
1.11 Steady As She Goes
1.12 The Palace of Happiness

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