John Poddy

John Poddy: Number 2

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Artist: John Poddy

Artist: John Poddy
Title: Number 2

John Poddy has been involved with many locally prominent Los Angeles Bands most notably as founding member of the influential band the Hags who released one critically panned but fanatically loved album before their ultimate demise. Mr. Poddy next formed Fag Rabbit, who's one release, Stone Man, Glass Woman, featured the local fan favorite song Happy and Drunk. Mr. Poddy was also a member of L.A.'s ultimate 'fun rock' band, The Caltransvestites, who's interview in Flipside Magazine's 100th issue was the magazine's first full color feature. Other credits include a brief stint with the pioneering punk rock band U.X.A. appearing on a recording of the song Pro Choice, which was included on a compilation recording which benefited the National Organization for Women (N.O.W.), as well as playing trumpet for L.A.'s premier swing punk ensemble The Abe Lincoln Story. Mr. Poddy also collaborated on the closing credit song, Don't Fuck with the Dead for the Garrett Clancy film Dead 7.

1.1 Tug of War
1.2 High School Girl
1.3 You Say Punk's Dead
1.4 Sophia Coppola
1.5 Ack 1
1.6 Mask
1.7 My Hero
1.8 Dugout Club Buddies
1.9 Tom
1.10 Splunge Out with Bob
1.11 Bad Boyfriend
1.12 Useless Life
1.13 Ack 2
1.14 Put on Your Pants You Freak
1.15 Bathtime

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