John S. Berry

John S. Berry: JB Blues: Gotta Gig Gotta Band

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Artist: John S. Berry

Artist: John S. Berry
Title: JB Blues: Gotta Gig Gotta Band

If you like Blues in the strain of Paul Butterfield with tints of Tommy Castro, you'll dig this band's release of 'Gotta Gig, Gotta Band.' This disc is a compilation of mostly live performances. It makes you feel like one moment you're sitting in a juke joint in Mississippi, and the next you're in the Powerhouse on a Saturday morning listening to the Johnny Otis Show. Listening to this C.D. will make you want to head out to one of the many local music venues where JB plays and hear some great Blues by an accomplished band! I recommend this C.D. to anyone who loves good urban Blues with touches of R & B. -Nate Campbell, 'The Zone,' Cotati, California.

1.1 Weed
1.2 Wasn't Born to Be a Begger
1.3 Milk Cow Boogie
1.4 Born in Chicago
1.5 Shaky Ground
1.6 Don't Know Where to Stand
1.7 Rockin' Robin
1.8 Blues Jam in E
1.9 Rock Me Babe
1.10 Key to the Highway

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