John Shipe

John Shipe: Pollyanna

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Artist: John Shipe

Artist: John Shipe
Title: Pollyanna

Disc 1 of 'Pollyanna Loves Cassandra' is the more ornate experimental of the two. Compared to The White Album, not in sound, but in variety--embracing all the genres of music within a decade's influence.

1.1 Exilerated
1.2 Dyson Jam
1.3 Justice
1.4 Waning Moon
1.5 If You Were Me
1.6 October Gold
1.7 Pollyanna Loves Cassandra
1.8 Ozymandias
1.9 Better Off Without You
1.10 After the Holocaust
1.11 East of Eden
1.12 Pa Moom
1.13 I Don't Live Today
1.14 Love in the Sci-Fi Section
1.15 Livin' in Exile
1.16 In God We Thrust

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