John Singer

John Singer: Shakuhachi Zen

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Artist: John Singer

Artist: John Singer
Title: Shakuhachi Zen

John Singer gives a solo performance of the rare and ancient Nezasa Ha Kinpu Ryu Honkyoku Zen Buddhist pieces. These were taught to him by the 'Iemoto' (Grand Master) of the Kinpu Ryu, Inoue Shouei (Inoue Shigeshi) in 1987. This music originated in northern Japan and consists of 10 pieces in total. This is their first introduction to the West.

1.1 Shirabe (Introduction)
1.2 Sagari Ha [Falling Leaves]
1.3 Matsukaze No Shirabe [Introd. to Matsu Kaze]
1.4 Matsukaze [Wind Through Pine Trees]
1.5 Sanya [A Celebration Piece]
1.6 Tori ; Kadozuke [Playing on the Road and at the Gate]
1.7 Shishi [A Celebration Piece]
1.8 Nagashi Reibo [Longing for the Bell]
1.9 Hachigaeshi [Gratitude for Alms]
1.10 Koku [Bell Ringing in the Empty Sky]

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