Svoboda, John: Classical Rock

John Svoboda: Classical Rock
Title: Classical Rock
Artist: Svoboda, John
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 837101391160
Genre: Rock

Classically trained and raised on rock n roll, John Svoboda displays a virtuostic approach in the performances of these arrangements for classical guitar. 'Breaking the rules' is the most likely subtitle for this collection of recordings. Influence from Segovia, the Assads,Parkening and many others in the classical realm applied to the passion learned in childhood from heros heard on the FM radio have resulted in a dynamic album of landmarks of our past. Svoboda's ability to capture an audience can be percieved while listening to each these tracks. There is a live feel to each track and still has the utmost quality of production. Combined with his previous releases,'Performs' and 'Fundamental Cure', Svoboda offers a full range of attractive repertoire.

1.1 Frankenstein - John Svoboda, Winter, Edgar
1.2 Stayin' Alive - John Svoboda, Gibb, B
1.3 Smoke on the Water - John Svoboda, Blackmore, Ritchie
1.4 Ring of Fire/El Humahuaqueno - John Svoboda, Carter, June
1.5 Presbyterian Guitar - John Svoboda, Hartford, John
1.6 Roundabout - John Svoboda, Howe, Steve
1.7 Live and Let Die - John Svoboda, McCartney, Paul
1.8 Born to Run - John Svoboda, Springsteen, Bruce
1.9 Rubber Ducky - John Svoboda, Moss, Jeff
1.10 Dream on - John Svoboda, Tyler, Steve
1.11 Bohemian Rhapsody - John Svoboda, Mercury, Freddie
1.12 Tuesday's Gone - John Svoboda, Vanzant, Ronnie

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Svoboda, John: Classical Rock


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