John Westmoreland: Portraits on Acoustic Guitar

John Westmoreland: Portraits on Acoustic Guitar
Title: Portraits on Acoustic Guitar
Label: CD Baby

John Westmoreland is a solo acoustic guitarist who uses alternate tunings and harmonic overtones to add depth and emotion to his recordings. Released in 2002','Portraits On Acoustic Guitar' is John's second CD, and consists of twelve original tunes which explore his diverse range of influences and distictive style. Through his work, John continues to push the boundaries of acoustic guitar by blending melodies with audio-imagery reaching from realism to the surreal. His ability to paint mental pictures through sound demonstates his talent as a composer. John currently has 4 cds' available and are highly recomended for guitar music afficionados' looking for a new sound. This is definately not your usual dry guitar music! Other cds' from John: 'Against the Grain' 'Earthtones' 'Acoustic Mathem' 'Hand Picked' ****Coming in Aug. 07', John's new CD, 'Resonant Frequency'. 11 all new original tunes, plus 3 classics on acoustic guitar.****.

1.1 Echo's in Time
1.2 Daybreak
1.3 The Gathering Tide
1.4 Streets of Bodie
1.5 In the Shade of the Koa Tree
1.6 A Forest Stream
1.7 The Mystic Waterfall
1.8 Into the Darkness
1.9 Saber Dance
1.10 Hwy. 1
1.11 Random Thoughts
1.12 Footprints in the Sand

John Westmoreland: Portraits on Acoustic Guitar

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