John Zumwalt Stephan

John Zumwalt Stephan: Dreamtime

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Product Type: CD

Title: Dreamtime
Label: CD Baby

From the Jazz leanings of the title track to the intimate piano solo 'Coffee Angel', this excellent recording defines art music. The program starts off with a Fretless Guitar solo on 'Jass', then segues into 'Dreamtime' featuring Stephan's custom made electric violin. Listen to the wonderful Harmon Mute trumpet solo in 'Summer'; the spirit of Miles lives on! Stephan demonstrates his virtuoso guitar playing in the epic 'Scream/Out of the Storm'. The ethnic percussion provides wonderful texture and support for the top notch musicians to interweave their solo melodies. Give it a listen, I'm sure this disc will find a spot in your iPod!

1.1 Jass
1.2 Dreamtime
1.3 Summer
1.4 Coffee Angel
1.5 Frantasia
1.6 Ocean
1.7 Pure Version
1.8 Coffee Angel (Solo Piano)
1.9 Scream
1.10 Out of the Storm

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