Johnny Action Figure

Johnny Action Figure: Good Eye

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Artist: Johnny Action Figure
Title: Good Eye

Philadelphia's Johnny Action Figure has been making music worth hearing for the better part of a decade. 'Good Eye' is a 12 song follow-up to the band's critically-acclaimed debut EP, 2006's 'Asks The Room To Please Stop Spinning'; an album which spawned numerous US tour dates along the east coast and midwest in cities including New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Gainesville, Athens, and Nashville. 'Good Eye' is a self-produced--and largely self-recorded--project, two years in the making. Together since 1999 (current lineup since 2007), Johnny Action Figure has shared the stage with some of the bigger names in alternative music, and formed a following of their own along the way. Their wide range of styles and influences come together on 'Good Eye.' The album's sound has been compared to artists across the spectrum, like Elvis Costello, Steely Dan, The Beach Boys; to contemporary bands like The Shins, My Morning Jacket and Elliott Smith. Each song on the album stands remarkably on it's own, all while Johnny Action Figure's signature three-part harmonies maintain an incredibly imaginative vocal balance. US tour dates are planned in support of the album, playing venues ranging from clubs to colleges up and down the east coast. The band is comprised of best friends of many years which clearly translates into the tightness and comfortability they display in their impressive live show. In addition, they supplement their own music by producing strong video content in the form of music videos and sketch comedy. With the release of 'Good Eye,' Johnny Action Figure is set to become a band worthy of recognition among the independent music community and beyond.

1.1 Phantom Blues
1.2 Young Rider
1.3 Manhattan Hymnals
1.4 Fill Your Tub
1.5 Until You're Gone
1.6 Let Me Guess
1.7 Julianne
1.8 Barnstomp
1.9 Bushkill Hill
1.10 Social Fabric
1.11 Bruises
1.12 Good Eye

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