Johnny and Sammy Johnson

Johnny and Sammy Johnson: Off My Rocker!

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Artist: Johnny and Sammy Johnson
Title: Off My Rocker!

The team of Johnny and Sammy Johnson have collaborated to bring a uniquely fresh sound to the American Pop/Jazz music scene. This father and son duo have created a project of eclectic blends of musical styles, from jazz to rock to country. The CD is primarily instrumental jazz that rocks you! It's funky and feels smoothly good! Johnny, whose professional resume includes The Toledo Jazz Orchestra and The Toledo Symphony Concert Band, is featured on guitar, bass and keyboards. Sammy's strong sense of melody and rhythmic ideas are heard on keyboards, drums and percussion. Another son and brother, Michael Johnson is featured on percussion. Scott Kretzer plays drums on tracks #7,#9 and #10. Lori LeFevre Johnson sings on tracks #5 and #7, and Emily Mitchell, Lori's daughter, is also featured on background vocals. The music styling is relaxing, unique and uplifting. Enjoy it! Be blessed!

1.1 Jazmine
1.2 Love Is Waiting for You
1.3 Off My Rocker
1.4 At the Table
1.5 Janie
1.6 Appointment in Samarra
1.7 Sweet Babylonia
1.8 Mulholland Drive
1.9 This Love Is Everlasting
1.10 Mr. Herbie

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