Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash: All In The Family

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Artist: Johnny Cash

Artist: Johnny Cash
Title: All In The Family

June Carter's last great solo album was 'Appalachian Pride', dating from 1976, now reissued by Bear Family Despite the fact that she grew up on the road with her famous mother, Maybelle, June has always been intensely proud of her family's roots in Appalachia. That was never more evident than on these recordings where she lends her personal stamp to songs like East Virginia Blues, Another Broken Hearted Girl and Big Balls In Nashville. Appalachian Pride' has been rounded out with Johnny Cash's children album, 'The Johnny Cash Children Album' on which Johnny (with some help of his family: June Carter Cash and Rosey Nix) makes music for everyone's family. The titles include: I Gotta Boy (And His Name Is John) (& June Carter Cash); Little Green Fountain (& June Carter Cash & Rosey Nix), The Mystery Of Number Five and

1.1 Losin' You
1.2 Shadow of a Lady
1.3 Gatsby's Restaurant
1.4 Once Before I Die (; Jerry Hensley)
1.5 L;N Don't Stop Here Anymore
1.6 East Virginia Blues
1.7 Gone
1.8 Appalachian Pride
1.9 I Love You Sweetheart
1.10 Another Broken Hearted Girl
1.11 Big Balls in Nashville
1.12 Nasty Dan
1.13 One and One Makes Two
1.14 I Gotta Boy (And His Name Is Joe) (; June)
1.15 Little Magic Glasses
1.16 Miss Tara
1.17 Dinosaur Song
1.18 Tiger Whitehead
1.19 Call of the Wild
1.20 Little Green Fountain (; June ; Rosey Nix)
1.21 Old Shep
1.22 Timber Man
1.23 Mystery of Number Five
1.24 Ben Dewberry's Final Run
1.25 Grandfather's Clock
1.26 Abacida
1.27 Why Is a Fire Engine Red?
1.28 Very Biggest Circus of Them All

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