Johnny Dale

Johnny Dale: Love of the Ride

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Artist: Johnny Dale

Artist: Johnny Dale
Title: Love of the Ride

Dear Earnhardt Fan, This song was written after viewing the untimely death of one of the greatest racecar drivers of all time. Along with millions of other people I sat in shock wondering how this could happen. As a singer/songwriter and a Dale Earnhardt fan, I felt a musical tribute was not only fitting, but the contribution I could make to his legacy. I have written many songs over the years, but none more heartfelt than this one. Sincerely, Johnny Dale Johnny Dale is a singer/songwriter with uncommon talent. This song has been purchased by every Earnhardt fan that I have met. It sold out in every location that we marketed. This is a song with a story and has touched the hearts of those who loved Dale Earnhardt and his family. It was written on the day of Dale Earnhardt's death and was released to the public in November of 2004. It is numbered, initialed, and fingerprinted by the artist for authenticity. It is a COLLECTOR EDITION. If you loved Dale Earnhardt as a race car driver and as a man, then you will want to have this song for your collection. Sincerely, Mike Barlew Signal Mountain Publishing Company.

1.1 Love of the Ride

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