Johnny Guitar Watson

Johnny Guitar Watson: For Gangsters & Lovers

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Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Artist: Johnny Guitar Watson
Title: For Gangsters & Lovers
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Pressed into this EP is guitar focussed blues rockers from a cat whose fingers brought the instrument to life, Johnny 'Guitar' Watson a vocalist and ace picker in one. 'The Bear', has been recorded by the Big Bopper and Johnny Burnette and all versions are stand-alone. This version quickly finds the groove and is driven alone by a melodic and hip saxophone, with a vocal chorus sitting behind the brass complementing the vocal delivery on this jiving ditty. 'She Moves Me' and 'Ganster Of Love' are mid-temp blues songs full of electric blues elements, hot guitar refrains and scorching vocals´´. The EP closes with a hep to the beat rocker 'Hot Little Mama' it's a stroll tempo with B.B. King influenced soaring guitar riffs. This platter will most certainly enthral both the guitar pickers and blues fans.

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