Johnny Langford

Johnny Langford: Best of Johnny & the Undefeated

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Artist: Johnny Langford

Artist: Johnny Langford
Title: Best of Johnny & the Undefeated

This track is intended to give hope to America's as well as as Australia and the rest of the world's indigenous people and for the the whole of humanity to get it's shit together and turn this planet around. This track starts and sounds like the war chants of people long gone by with hot sizzling lead guitar breaks that simulate the cries of life. Dynamic kit drumming from 1 of SE Queensland Australia finest - Bret Newman, completes a blockbuster of a track. The following is a members list of the artists who worked this track which was (up until now) an unreleased masterpiece. The range of instruments is performed by the following artists: John Langford: acoustic guitar and lead vocal Paul Clement: acoustic and electric guitar Shenton Gregory: mandolin Brett Newman: drummer Lenny Slaughter: bass guitar.

1.1 Sky Fall/Option Green

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