Johnny Langford: Wild Spirit

Johnny Langford: Wild Spirit
Title: Wild Spirit
Label: CD Baby

Bio for "Wild Spirit" by Johnny Langford and The Undefeated The original tracks on this album were 'born out of the spirit and actions of protest'. These songs drew their inspiration from direct experiences and actions of the author - Johnny Langford, who is passionate about our precious environment along with a love for Australia's beautiful indigenous people and their turbulent history. The 1st track Aborigine (& track 14, full version) portrays Johnny & the band's feelings for the aborigines' plight; Track 3 Option Green is a song for saving our forests; Track 11 The Mobile Phone Song is a reflection on telecommunication companies' arrogance in just blazing ahead with greed, and ignorance of the possible dangers of adding to the world's radioactively saturated environment; while Track 9 is a lament for the late Princess of Wales, a beautiful lady who achieved amongst other things the abolition of land mines with the Geneva convention. This CD 'Wild Spirit' by Johnny Langford and the Undefeated, which is also "The Undefeated's" 1st album, is a mix of 50% original and 50% Celtic material. All of the traditional tracks and Celtic ballads have a cool mix of a contemporary feel which enhances this album beautifully due to the unique drumming of guest artist Tunji Bier and the passionate gypsy style violin and mandolin artistry by guest musician, Shenton Gregory (Shenzo). The style of the original songs is unique: a blend between world folk and folk rock. The Celtic songs and tunes have an Australian contemporary feel. The musicians energies straight away captured the feeling of the author / arranger's work. As an album, the recording engineer Lenny Slaughter of Laughter Audio helped to create the original atmosphere while mixer Stephen Hamacek of frontEar Sound, helped to merge both studios mastery of recording techniques and both have created an overall feeling that is entransive. The range of instruments is impressive and performed by the following artists: John Langford: acoustic guitar and lead vocal Paul Clement: acoustic and electric guitar Shenton Gregory: violin and mandolin Tunji Bier: djembe, Persian talking drums Brett Newman: drummer Lenny Slaughter: bass guitar Stephen Hamacek: keyboards, synthesiser, flute, accordian, backing harmony Kit Cotter: keyboards, guitar, backing harmony Elizabeth Dawson: flute, recorder, bodhran David Russell: Celtic flute and tin whistle Natalie Richy: djembe Mal Settree: djembe, clap sticks, didgeridoo. Backing vocals: Anne Gilpin and Terry Fitzgerald.

1.1 Aborigine
1.2 Back Home in Derry
1.3 Option Green
1.4 Star of the County Down
1.5 Spancill Hill [Instrumental]
1.6 Spancill Hill (Song)
1.7 Wild Spirit
1.8 King of the Faeries
1.9 Fairy Princess
1.10 Johnny I Hardly Knew Yeh
1.11 Mobile Phone Song
1.12 Little Beggarman
1.13 3 Jigs (Rakes of Kildare/Miller of Glenmuire/Joe Bourke's Jig)
1.14 Aborigine (Full Version)

Johnny Langford: Wild Spirit

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