Johnny Max Band

Johnny Max Band: Lesson I've Learned

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Johnny Max Band

Artist: Johnny Max Band
Title: Lesson I've Learned

This is the fourth CD by this 'Rockin' Bogie Band',with a Swampy New Orleans, Memphis,sound...With a throw back to the Muscle Shoals days. That Groovy funky southern feel..

1.1 Down in History
1.2 Banks of the Credit (The Mississauga Delta)
1.3 We're Gonna Do It (All Night Long)
1.4 (You're) a Lesson I've Learned
1.5 Write Your Name
1.6 If That Ain't True
1.7 It's Not My Fault
1.8 Greezin'
1.9 Jack ; Jill
1.10 Have Mercy
1.11 Going Down, Standing Up
1.12 Big Ol' Girls (Need Some Lovin' Too)
1.13 Why I Sing the Blues

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