Johnny McGee

Johnny McGee: Just a Florida Thang

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Artist: Johnny McGee

Artist: Johnny McGee
Title: Just a Florida Thang

1.1 Just a Florida Thang
1.2 Everyone Knows But You
1.3 Payback Time
1.4 The B.S. Song
1.5 Mary Mack
1.6 There's Not Much to Me (Without You)
1.7 Think About Me (Thinkin' Boutyou)
1.8 If I Tried
1.9 Drag My Dreams Through Nashville
1.10 A Song for You
1.11 A Cold Day in Hell
1.12 That Boy Ain't Right
1.13 Old Barflies
1.14 The Nashville Tenne See Saw
1.15 She's in the Wind Again
1.16 Can't Make a Livin' (In the Band)

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