Johnny Thunder: Keepin' on

Johnny Thunder: Keepin&
Title: Keepin' on
Label: CD Baby

Around late 2001 Jared (Drummer), and Tony (Guitar) began jamming together on a fairly regular basis. They would bring in various other musicians just to jam with but at this point were not officially a band. In early summer of 2002 Pete (Bass) joined the other guys along with a rhythm guitarist. Later in that year they were joined by a lead vocalist and officially became Johnny Thunder. They played their first gig in the early part of 2003. During the summer of 2003 the vocalist left the band and Pete took up the task of vocals from that point. In late 2003 the rhythm guitar player left the band leaving Jared, Tony, and Pete as a 3-piece band. In early 2004 they recorded 'The Walker'. Early in the summer of 2005 they brought Mike (Keys) on board and Tony began singing lead vocals. They continued playing together and met up with Scott from SCN Records in the summer of 2005 and began recording the CD 'Keepin' On' in September. They recently concluded the recording of this CD which brings them to the point they are today.

1.1 We'll See Better Days
1.2 City Slickin'
1.3 Year After Year
1.4 Flyin' High
1.5 All My Life
1.6 Soothe My Soul
1.7 Keep on (Keepin' on)
1.8 Chase
1.9 Jinx
1.10 Cryin' Shame
1.11 It's Alright with Me + Bonus Track

Johnny Thunder: Keepin' on

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