Jon Batson

Jon Batson: Theta Sound Coffee House Live

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Artist: Jon Batson

Artist: Jon Batson
Title: Theta Sound Coffee House Live

1.1 Intro
1.2 Old Bum Toe
1.3 Government Food
1.4 My Fav'rite Girl
1.5 Third Star to the Right
1.6 Livin' on the Flat
1.7 Cut and Paste the Chorus
1.8 The Skyline of Waco
1.9 I'm Not Allowed in School
1.10 Draw a Line and Move on
1.11 So High on a Pedestal
1.12 Junior's Sellin' Somethin'
1.13 Too Well to Go to Work
1.14 Snooze Alarm
1.15 Someday
1.16 Target Two
1.17 Portuguese Women
1.18 Mental on My Mind

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