Jon Cougar Concentration Camp & Raging Nathans: Split

Jon Cougar Concentration Camp & Raging Nathans: Split
Title: Split
Label: Rad Girlfriend
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Jon Cougar Concentration Camp return with this 3 song follow up to their 2015 7" on Rad Girlfriend Records. This is also their first split since their split 7" with the Larry Brrds more than 20 years ago. Not only do they have one of the best band names on the planet, JCCC is virtually synonymous with 1990's SoCal punk rock, having released records on BYO, Mutant Pop and Recess to name just a few. Members of JCCC went on to play in The Queers and The Dwarves. 25 years strong and they are still putting out some of the best pop punk on the planet. The Raging Nathans are carving a path of their own as one of today's best DIY underground punk bands, having released two LPs, two EPs, and handfulls of split 7"s with legendary bands like the Parasites, The Nobodys, Wonk Unit and now JCCC. Always versatile, these two songs showcase the ability of the band to switch up their styles a bit. Keeping Dayton, Ohio on the map and keeping it punk, 100%

1.1 Goofazi
1.2 Skateboard
1.3 X Changed
1.4 All Skrewed Up
1.5 Bozo

Jon Cougar Concentration Camp & Raging Nathans: Split

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Product-type:7-INCH SINGLE

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