Jon D.O.E.: Love & Respect

Jon D.O.E.: Love & Respect
Title: Love & Respect
Label: CD Baby

Jon a young black creative, conscious, real lively male who was born in the city of Inglewood ca,August 6,1983 and raised in Compton ca, by his grandma/mother, he his the oldest out of four children, two sisters and one brother. His mother whom was only fifth teen still in high school when she gave birth, the father whom was eighteen at the time still in high school also, ran out on mother young Jon doe when he was three months old. He started rapping at the age of 12; he used his lyrics as a way to express things he couldn't say to others, certain feelings He just put them on paper. At the age fifth teen he became apart of a rap group called The D.o.o.m Clyk that was made up of three of the best mc's In the west, it consisted of himself Do D.a.t of the attik and long time friend Spit Fiya; they were together for 2 years but split up because of creative differences. At the age of eight teen in the year of 2002 he moved to the bay area 'Oakland' where it's said that there is where he found himself as person and as a lyrical genius. In the year of 2004 at the age of twenty one he moved back to Compton and was introduced to producers Abstrakt soundz And D twyce who later help create love & respect. In the year of 2005 at the age of twenty two he drop out of school to support his girl friend and soon to be born son. Shortly after his son was born he started in studio recording what some may view a classic, he views as a vocal point of his life, in his words 'my style of music comes From my soul and speaks to my spirit and that allows me to present it to your heart so you can feel where I'm coming From', that's why the album is titled 'Love & Respect' because through all his struggles he's manage to get and Give love and respect, he is also owner and founder of the label Rule Book Production, in his words 'I'm just guy doing What people said couldn't be done; I guess they were wrong ha'.

1.1 Compton's Conscience
1.2 Remeber the Day
1.3 Story of Life
1.4 Where's the Love - Jon D.O.E
1.5 Love and Respect
1.6 Get Invovled
1.7 Mr. Whites Advice (Skit)
1.8 State of Mine
1.9 Real Niggas - Jon D.O.E
1.10 Thoughts
1.11 Reintroduction
1.12 You... Smile
1.13 Never Loved Before
1.14 I've Been Thinking
1.15 Can I
1.16 Rappers Motivation
1.17 This Too Shall Pass

Jon D.O.E.: Love & Respect

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