Jon Diaz

Jon Diaz: Circling from Above

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jon Diaz

Title: Circling from Above
Label: CD Baby

As a guitarist, Jon has played in a variety of styles ranging from Classical to abstract improvisations. In the mid-1980\'s, Jon toured, recorded, and performed on television and radio with Robert Fripp and The League Of Crafty Guitarists. He is also a member of Vera Beren\'s Gothic Chamber Blues Ensemble and Where\'s My Angel? With an ear towards the exotic, Jon started his on ensemble. The new CD Circling From Above will be the first for Jon as a bandleader. Mixing styles from around the globe, your likely to hear some sounds reminicent of Morroco, asia, India and perhaps some funky blues thrown in. This is the influence of Jon\'s past travels. Review from World Rhythm Webzine: Guitarist/Composer Jon Diaz first made a name for himself in music as an original member of Robert Fripp\'s \'League of Crafty Guitarists\'. With his newest music, \'Circling From Above\', Jon takes a pot luck of sounds from around the globe. All the compositions are finely done. The basic ensemble is Jon Diaz (Acoustic Guitar - Steel String, Nylon and Prepared), Mazz Swift (Violin), Mathias Kunzli (Percussion) and Pietro Russino (Guitar). Other guest musicians appear of various tracks adding a variety of flavors. On \'Griot\', the addition on of Steve Gorn on the bansuri adds a distinctly haunting mood. \'King Arthur\' is a steel-string guitar duet between Jon and Pierto which has a majestic quality and a galloping rhythm, putting a stridden king in mind. \'The Scroll\' minor-key gives the mysteriousness one might imagine with the title. Jon\'s music emphasizes the craft of composing rather than dazzling guitar styles or bombastic jams all in the name of expression. His music showcases rhythmic textures from the combination of hand percussion and the acoustic guitar (especially the prepared). The various guitar, bansuri and violin all take their turns providing the strong melodies throughout the songs. - Cameron Blades - Review from Creations Magazine Here is a fascinating, eclectic mix of pieces drawing upon modalities from different cultures and countries. Composer and guitarist Jon Diaz plays with great skill, and creates an album which moves from classical to rock to jazz to latin to middle-eastern to Indian, and on. Joined at times by various strings, percussion, wailing vocals, and world instruments, Circling From Above has a striking inventiveness and appeal about it. - Mark Maxwell Abushady -.

1.1 Circling from Above
1.2 Sahara Dreaming
1.3 The Dance Within
1.4 King Arthur
1.5 Moroc
1.6 Towner
1.7 Griot
1.8 The Scroll
1.9 Los Gatos
1.10 The Last Dance
1.11 Turtle Raga

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