Jon Eben

Jon Eben: Regards from the Melting Pot

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Artist: Jon Eben

Artist: Jon Eben
Title: Regards from the Melting Pot

To say that it's been a long strange road for Clovis songwriter-musician Jon Eben would be putting it mildly. Grandson of Hawaiian guitarist Lauoliwa Lono Eben, son of guitarist-singer Norwood Keliikoa Eben and singer Sandra Belote Sutter, Jon inherited the family music gene and has carried on the family musical tradition since the first day he picked up the guitar at age 5. That began an incredible journey spanning 50 years that has seen him grow from those first rough chords to the songwriting and musical force that he is today. Thousands of stages, gigs, songs, amazing personalities and epic tales later, his story finally comes together in Nashville, 2010, with this collection of songs and all-around musical performance. Jon has lived his life dedicated to the art of making and performing great music and being true to the rules of creativity and integrity. It's always been just about Words and Music for him....then, now, and forevermore. Musical Aloha and Regards from the Melting Pot.

1.1 Sunny Skies
1.2 Regards from the Melting Pot
1.3 Going Nowhere Fast
1.4 Breakin' a Heart (Feat. Kristi Warner)
1.5 It Won't Hurt Did It
1.6 That's Just a Job
1.7 Three Little Words
1.8 Love Can't Kill You
1.9 Light of Love (Feat. Kristi Warner)
1.10 Sure Hate to Love You (Feat. Kristi Warner)
1.11 White Wolf

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