Jon Lumsden

Jon Lumsden: Me & Francine

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jon Lumsden

Title: Me & Francine
Label: CD Baby

Jon's debut CD, 'Me & Francine,' is a collection of original songs, most of which were written in the late 70s and 80s. Jon's laid-back style, reminiscent of the ballads of the 40s (listen to: Forever in Love; Francine; Since You Left Me, Baby)-with a mix of jazzy, blues-y swing-make for a unique, relaxing listening experience. Although Jon's focus has been on songwriting rather than performing, many people have commented that his warm baritone is a nice complement to his easygoing music. Having married and started his family while just in his late teens, Jon put his musical ambitions on hold for about 30 years. His catchy melodies have stood the test of time, and [in the words of his wife Susan] are ['FINALLY!!!'] now available for you to hear. Around 1981, a mutual friend introduced Jon to a Nashville songwriter named Randy Hatch, who had recently had a song he had co-written with Wayland Holyfield go to #1 on the Country music charts ('You're The Best Break This Old Heart Ever Had' recorded by Ed Bruce). Jon co-wrote with Randy for several years, and although none of their songs were recorded, Jon learned quite a lot about songwriting from him. Jon's songwriting inspirations are from the greats of the twentieth century: Berlin, Gershwin, Porter, Rodgers, and all the rest. "Me & Francine" features a talented group of musicians accompanying Jon, including George Anderson on stand-up bass or Lou Carfa on electric bass; Kim Platko on guitar; Roland Elbert on piano; Chris McGuire on clarinet and saxophone; and Jorge Ginorio on percussion. Before you listen to samples, here are comments from other listeners: 'Me and Francine' is the perfect mood-setter for waking up with coffee and relaxing at night. Jon's track two, 'Forever in Love' is a perfect choice for when you want to have a dance with your sweetie. Stellar vocals, excellent musicianship and arrangements. The long wait for Jon to memorialize his music was well worth it. Congratulations, Jon! -Emily Higgins (performing songwriter) Just wanted to let you know that I received your CD and the music is WONDERFUL!!!!!! What an excellent accomplishment and creative endeavor. -Leslie Hendricks Oh my goodness, YOU ARE FANTASTIC!! How truly lovely & wonderful. I could listen to those 3 songs (Forever in Love, Francine, Since You Left Me, Baby) over and over. Really lovely. Thank you for sharing, I am honored to have listened! -Robin Hirsch 'Forever in Love' is just awesome. I can't sit still when I play it, because it's got such a catchy rhythm and at the same time it's soothing and comforting. So smooth! -Mary Pal You guys did a great job and we really liked the songs. I didn't know you were such a good singer. Congratulations! -Christopher McGuire (professional classical guitarist) I really have enjoyed listening to your CD. I very much appreciate your writing, voice and relaxed approach, which come through in the songs. -Roland Elbert I really like it! Great vibe, voice and tunes. -George Anderson.

1.1 Breaking My Heart
1.2 Forever in Love
1.3 Josephine
1.4 It Would Be So Easy
1.5 Latin Lovers
1.6 Spend Some More Time with Me
1.7 Francine
1.8 That Old Memory
1.9 Since You Left Me, Baby
1.10 Close Your Eyes

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