Jon Robertson William

Jon Robertson William: Give His Love Away

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Product Type: CD

Title: Give His Love Away
Label: CD Baby

I am a Christian singer/songwriter who tells stories about life, love and faith for the purpose of bringing hope and encouragement to those listening. I draw inspiration from life experiences, my personal relationship with God and relationships with people from all walks of life. The message of God's love and acceptance is paramount in many of the song stories. I include the lyrics with each CD making it easy to sing along when a tune is catchy and uplifting.

1.1 Chipping Away
1.2 Child-Like Faith
1.3 I Want to Be Like You
1.4 Give His Love Away
1.5 Bring Back the Love
1.6 Who We Know
1.7 Down on Our Knees
1.8 Your Truth for Me
1.9 I Say I Believe
1.10 Wherever You Go
1.11 Always Be Here
1.12 Simple Reflection
1.13 When You Are Near
1.14 Your Way
1.15 I Am Your Peace
1.16 I Need You

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