Jon Von Boehm

Jon Von Boehm: Jon Von Boehm

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Artist: Jon Von Boehm

Artist: Jon Von Boehm
Title: Jon Von Boehm

Here is my first release as a leader. Having done the session musician thing for years I decided it was time to step up and do my own thing. It has been a real joy doing it. I have been overwhelmed by my friends and colleagues that have shown their support in this chapter of my music career.This record was two years in the making. I wrote and recorded this one song at a time while working on other projects that kept me busy as well. The musicians playing on the album are cats that I enjoy working with and really believe in. I could have had anyone play on the album, but I decided to keep it in the family using people that believe in me. Let's face it, they are all stellar musicians so I'm in great company on this. Each track features a different mix of musicians. Hearing them put their own stamp and voice on each song was a real pleasure. Musicians that played on the record include: Michael Green drums. Walter Scott keys. Michael Gutierrez sax. Denny Jiosa guitar. Chris West sax. Jonathan Crone guitar. Dann Glenn guitar. Ben Badenhorst guitar. Kenny Zarider piano and keys. Scott Goudeau guitar. Lara Landon vocals.

1.1 The Machine Lies
1.2 Mr. Uncertainty
1.3 Funk in a Bizzle
1.4 Fickle Humpty
1.5 Mad Harmonic Oscillator
1.6 The Thing of It Is
1.7 Selleck P.I
1.8 Vongreenzar
1.9 Ain't We Funkin' Now

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