Jon Ware

Jon Ware: Follow the Rhythm

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jon Ware

Title: Follow the Rhythm
Label: CD Baby

My early interest in avant-garde musical techniques, along with many years spent studying and performing a wide range of musical genres, all have helped to define my personal style, a style which now very often blends contemporary and traditional melodies, combined with classical orchestral composition. My professional music career officially began when I joined Van McCoy as his touring percussionist in the 1970s. We were officially part of the age of 'Disco' when we recorded the hugely popular hit 'The Hustle'. This was a very busy time in my life, where I spent many days & nights on the road. After some time, I finally settled down to do some work in my studio. The tracks on my first CD, "Kit', are considered 'non-program' music and these tracks are now being used primarily in TV production worldwide. I had a lot of fun with my second CD, "Follow the Rhythm", where I incorporated a variety of ethnic instruments and electronic sounds...the combination of which have produced a unique blend of progressive, instrumental styles. My evolution as a musician, composer and producer, along with having mastered keyboard, drums and percussion, have seen me through the age of hand-written scores and the traditional console. These tools, however, have now been replaced, almost exclusively, by computer-based electronic equipment. The process of scoring a film is, by far, one of the most rewarding and significant components of my music career. My basic preparation involves exploring the structure and mood of the film, learning what the film's producer's & director's expectations are in terms of the atmosphere and direction of the film. I do follow some basic guidelines with respect to the Seven Emotions (Joy-Sadness-Grief-Worry-Fear-Anger-Shock). Whether I am scoring a a film, choosing a period piece, working with Foley selections, my primary goal is to select pieces which capture the essence of the film and allow the audience to emotionally connect. DISCOGRAPHY: • Film/Sound Score for the off-Broadway Play entitled 'Uprising', debuted in 1994. • Film Sound Score for 'Middle Passage and Roots". This movie aired on ShowTime Cable TV in 1996. • 'KIT' -- These are tracks which are currently being used in various television/advertising production in Europe and South America) -- CD released in 2000. • Film/Sound Score for Spiritual Documentary entitled 'ASE' -- 2004. • 'Follow The Rhythm' -- CD release 2005.

1.1 Trapped
1.2 Rhythm Fingers
1.3 Injection
1.4 Wander
1.5 Follow the Rhythm
1.6 Nothin' But Horns
1.7 Dance Copy
1.8 4 Wheeler
1.9 Goodbye for Now
1.10 Taking It Down

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